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Development logo design

The logo is one of the most important components of any business.
Logo design - this is the first step in building a brand.
Most entrepreneurs understand the need for this.
We are make graphic design for your company

Graphic design is used to create packaging, advertising,
magazines and websites, for registration of music CDs,
design postcards, stamps, book layouts and illustrations.
Website development

Creating a site - which takes place in several stages,
as you progress through the idea that the
customer turns into a real functioning website.

About the company: The company's main activity is the programming and creation of websites, web applications, and the development of information resources.
The company employs a team of professional programmers and designers from around the world, with 15 years experience! We dont work in CMS! All sites is Exclusive.

What we can do for you

Creative Website Designing

Website Redesign

Mobile Responsive Website

Website Development with new features

Website Promotion

Mobile Application Development

Why Choose Us

We always listen to your ideas, plans and objectives for your business.
We have a creative Team with years of experience and expertise in the
field of Web Designing and development.

We assure and provide you the best result in minimal time.

Free 1 Year Technical Support

Basic SEO

Competitor Analysis

Also we doing:

- Creating Web pages using ASP, JSP, ColdFusion.

- ASP Design, JSP and CFML-pages. Full-featured Web-based applications.

- Programming is done according to the established standards of the European Union, it is a cross-browser, adapted for viewing on all devices (tablets, smartphones).

The work includes the use of flash technology, the use of video with special effects, online video.

- Counter visitors guest book.

- Receiving and sending registration forms.

- 3D modeling.

- Musical opening pages.

- Creating promotional video clips for insertion on site.

- Create Flash photo galleries, spins, 3D galleries.

- Cloud search links.

- Special Effects page (falling snowflakes on the page, a salute to the holiday)

- At 20 pages in each language (English, Bulgarian, Russian) Individual approach to the development of exclusive design for the company following the rules and regulations set standards.

- Marquee with contact information display

- Guestbook is built into the design of your site. The style of the text and the guest book links can be edited from the book of the control panel.

Guest book consists of the comments of users broken down by 10 comments per page.

Comments and replica site administrator allocated.

Each comment consists of the addition of the date, name and wrote the comment text.

The text of the comment is possible to add emoticons to express your emotions.

Do let us know if you are willing to discuss a possible Development of your website and I can send you more details. We give you 100% quality assurance.

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