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Personal websites or personal pages

A personal site is a site with content that describes the sphere of interest of a person. Usually it is created by the owner himself with the aim of expressing himself, finding friends, like-minded people, people with similar views, etc.

The volume of such a site is not large and often is limited to one page (hence the name "personal page").

Website design, most often complex, emphasizing the individuality of the author.

Personal blogs

A personal blog (from English blog, web log) is a web site, the main content of which is regularly added posts (posts) containing text, images, multimedia.

For blogs, short-term temporal records are recorded, sorted in reverse chronological order and offered for discussion by third-party readers, through comments.

Blogs can contain several pages. Their number depends on the author's activity and sometimes it can be quite large.

The structure of the blog is always simple and understandable.

The design of the blog, most often, complex, corresponding to the subject of the blog, sometimes emphasizing the individuality of its author.

Business card websites

Site-card - this is the most common kind of sites. Its name speaks for itself. In fact, a business card site is an electronic analog of a traditional paper business card. The main purpose of the site is to present its owner (goods sold by him, services provided) and give the maximum amount of information necessary for contact with him - address, phone numbers, e-mail, etc.

Due to the small amount of information posted on the site, the structure of the business card site is always simple and understandable. Traditionally, the site-card consists of 3-5 pages and does not contain additional sections and multilevel menus.

The graphic design of the site can be anything, either the simplest or the simplest, but also complex, and even exclusive, including authoring graphics, rarely used fonts, animation elements and flash - in a word everything that can emphasize the personal style and personality of it Owner.

Despite the simplicity and cheapness of this project, the visiting card site is a great start for starting any commercial activity.


The site-gallery is, first of all, an Internet exhibition of any works performed with their own hands. He can be useful to the designer, artist, photographer, master or group of any applied creativity - any author aspiring to declare himself, and also, trying to find customers, customers, buyers for his works.

Structurally and in terms of design, the site-gallery is very similar to the website-business card. It, as well as a business card site, consists of a small number of pages and does not contain multilevel menus. Graphic design of the site-gallery, as well as the graphic design of the website-business card can vary in a very wide range - from the simplest, to the extremely complex, exclusive.

The main distinctive feature of the site-gallery from the site-business card is the presence of a built-in photo gallery.

Official websites of companies (organizations)

The official website of the company is the company's representation in the global network, the place of publication of all news and information that the company's management wants to convey to the public.

A distinctive feature of the official site is its official status. Thus, the visitor of the site can refer to the information posted on it as a reliably known fact reflecting the essence of what is happening.

In comparison with the site-business card - the official site has a larger volume (up to 10-20 pages) and contains more detailed information about products and services.

The structure of the site is also more complicated. It often includes a number of components and modules that are not used when creating business card sites.

The design of the official website is often reserved, but, despite this, the presence of the official website on the Internet, gives its owner a number of competitive advantages.

Thematic sites

A thematic site is a web resource dedicated to a single topic.

Usually, a thematic site is a fairly large virtual array of information, a sort of specialized thematic magazine in which site authors view the topic they have chosen in sufficient detail and versatility.

The volume of the thematic site is from 20 pages or more (the more, the better).

Depending on the volume, the structure of the site can be either simple or rather complex. The site can contain several sections, there can be multilevel menus, and also a large number of different components and modules can be installed. Often on such a site there is a forum.

When developing a topical site, the main emphasis is on the convenience of searching and outputting materials. The format of the materials can be any: simple text, images, video, audio, etc.

The design of the site is not limited to any framework and can be either very simple or exclusive.

Catalog sites

The site-catalog is a convenient means of informing potential buyers and partners of the company about all products offered to it. Sites of this kind are similar to visiting sites, but in addition to the standard components of the site, they also contain a built-in directory, the number of pages of which can be from a few tens to several hundred or even thousands. On the pages of this catalog there are detailed descriptions of goods with photos, technical characteristics and other useful information. Often the catalog publishes the cost of goods.

In addition to the built-in directory, for sites of this type, it is mandatory to have a component for downloading price lists. The installation of this component will allow site visitors to order selected products via e-mail.

The structure of the catalog site is complex. In addition to the already mentioned mandatory components of the catalog and downloading of price lists, some other components and modules can be included in the structure of sites of similar types. On this account there are no strict rules and everything depends on the need for them and the desire of the customer site.

In general, the structure of the site-directory can be the following:

• Company data;

• catalog of goods (or services);

• a component for downloading price lists;

• contact details (office address, telephone number, e-mail address).

The design of the site does not have a strictly defined framework, it can be simple and complex - it just depends on the wishes of the customer.

Sites Online stores

Website The Internet store is a modern trade channel that gives the opportunity to sell goods via the Internet.

As for the presentation possibilities, and as regards the convenience of working with the product range - the Internet store is a full-function store, with the only difference being that its "showcase" is located on the Internet.

The site-store usually has a large enough volume (several dozen pages) and a complex structure. As a rule, the site contains a catalog of goods with their detailed description, delivery conditions and prices. From other sites, the website of the online store is mainly distinguished by software modules that allow you to automate the process of buying and selling through the Internet.

The design of the site-store can be very diverse and vary in a very wide range - from very simple and discreet, to sophisticated, exquisite and refined, although, in this respect, it is still believed that for an online store site, a simpler design is preferable . It is this design that is widely known today and successful sites of this kind.

Promotional websites

A promo site is almost always a non-main website of a company - a site that is created specifically to promote a product (group of products) or services.

Promo-site is, first of all, an advertising tool. It can be compared with an advertising brochure, whose goal is to emphasize the merits of a particular product (service) as much as possible, attract customers and encourage them to do something: buy goods, order a service, take part in the action, etc.

The volume of the promo-site usually does not exceed 5-10 pages - this is enough to ensure that the site perfectly performs the functions assigned to it.

The structure of the promo-site is determined by its tasks. In most cases, it is very simple and unbranched.

In general terms, it can include:

• Company data;

• description of promoted goods (services);

• contact information: telephone, office address, e-mail address.

The appearance of the promo site should be stylish, bright and memorable. During its manufacture, as a rule, volumetric graphics, exclusive design and flash animation are widely used.

News sites

The news site is a powerful information resource dedicated to news from any field. It can be like the news of politics, science, culture, or sports, as well as novelties in the sphere of high technologies, fashion and even new culinary recipes.

At its core, the news site is similar to television news releases. Its main purpose is to inform the user as quickly as possible of the latest information, so news on the site must be constantly updated, otherwise, the meaning is lost.

The news site is also a powerful advertising tool located in the global network. With competent administration, he, due to advertising located on it, can bring a tangible profit to his owner.

The volume of the news site is always great. Due to constantly updated content, such a site can grow to several hundred, sometimes thousands, of pages.

The structure of news sites in most cases is complex. Typically, these sites contain several sections and subsections, complex multi-level menus, a large number of components and modules, can have a forum.

Graphic design of the news site should not contain excesses. Traditionally it is always simple.

Corporate Websites

A corporate site is a company's corporate website. A solid online representation of the company. The optimal solution for all companies that want to become leaders in their field of business.

The volume of the corporate site is usually large - the site can contain up to hundreds of pages.

The structure of the site, more often than not, is complex, with a complexly interwoven multi-level hierarchy that logically describes the company's business processes. In the limited space of the pages of the site are: multilevel menus; Texts containing the full information about the company, products and services, events in the life of the company; Tables; Search forms; Information blocks; Various components and modules. Also, the site can be integrated with the company's internal information systems, it can contain corporate forums and closed sections for specific groups of users - employees, dealers, counterparties, etc.

Although the structure of their corporate sites varies from company to company, experience shows that in general, such sites include:

• information about the company (history, news, vacancies, etc.);

• business and useful information (articles, reviews, advice, questions-answers, etc.);

• catalogs of goods, services, their descriptions, etc .;

• Price-lists;

• a section for customers, partners, visitors;

• closed part for different groups of employees (personal sections, personal cabinets);

• Contact details and feedback form.

The appearance of the corporate site, as a rule, corresponds to the corporate style of the company. When creating such a site, branded colors and fonts are used. Often when creating a website design, they push off the company logo.

In today's world, on average, and especially in big business, a corporate website is simply necessary. Most companies today actively use the corporate site in work with their customers, partners and employees.


The portal site is the most powerful and most complex kind of network resource that can be devoted to one topic or several. Thanks to the extensive information content of the portal sites, they are of interest not only to visitors, but also to search engines, which in recent times are increasingly focusing on content.

The size of the portal site can be hundreds and thousands of pages.

The structure of the portal site is always complex. As a rule, sites of this type contain many different sections and subsections, a menu with multilevel nesting, includes a large number of different kinds of options and modules. In general, the complexity of the structure of the site depends to a large extent on the subject matter of the site and the goals set by the customers. However, when creating a portal, it should always be remembered that its main task is to provide information. In this regard, the web developer should strive to create a structure of the site that would be most convenient for the user.

The appearance of the portal site is usually moderately restrained. Volumetric graphics, which we talked about in the case of a promo site, loses its meaning - the graphic minimalism comes to the fore.

Sites portals are very popular on the Internet, but the production of a portal site is quite a time-consuming task, which requires a lot of time and attracting professionals from different directions.

Content projects

The content project is a site that represents a vast collection of any thematic materials - books, articles, audio and video files, etc.

The main goal of this site is to attract visitors interested in certain topics and redirect them to partner sites. Subject to the placement of suitable links to partner sites on the site of the content project, it provides sufficiently high-quality traffic, and hence conversion of visitors to buyers.

The content project is executed in the form of an Internet library (audio or video library), an encyclopedia, a reference book. This is its difference from a simple thematic site.

The volume of the site, as a rule, is quite large. It can contain several tens and hundreds of pages.

The structure of the site, more often than not, is complex. The site usually contains several sections, multi-level menus can be used on it.

In appearance, sites content-projects do not allow excesses, their graphic design, whenever possible, should be simple.

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